Learn Recruitment & Selections by Practicing as a Recruiter as one of the most important HR functions holders for business growing and success as its impact on manpower of the organization and how we collect them as well. In another hand, to conduct the department’s process and procedures.

Join us and Practice as a Recruiter

Join us now and learn Recruitment and Selection process, work flow and strategies as well do as work.

Workshop Outlines

  • Definitions.
  • Company Vision, Mission & Values.
  • Introduction to Strategic Planning and Strategic Objectives.
  • Introduction to HR Objectives.
  • Introduction to Manpower Planning
  • Recruitment and Selection Objectives.
  • Recruitment Workflow.
  • Recruitment and Selection Process: –
  • Job Analysis.
  • Role Profile.
  • Job Description
  • Person Specification.
  • Collecting Job Analysis by Different Methods.
  • Where Does the Vacancy Come From?
  • Hiring Requests.
  • Job Advertisement.
  • Job Application, Applicants’ Response.
  • Receiving Applications, Closing Date, Sorting and Screening.
  • Types of Interviews.
  • How to Prepare Interview Content.
  • How We Conduct an Effective Interview?
  • How to Make the Interview Structure and Format.
  • Interview Assessment Form.
  • Competencies Based Interview.
  • Selecting the Right Candidate.
  • Employment Offer & Employment Contract.
  • Hiring Process.
  • Recruitment & Selections Practical Activities.
  • Manpower Tracking Report.
  • Selections Tracking Report.
  • Recruitment Status Report.
  • Department Analysis Report.

Workshop Details

Fees: 500 L.E

Duration: 2 Days – 8 hours per day.

Certificate: Certified with HRCI “by a credential with Expert for PM”.

Location: 10 Amin Elrafiey ST, Dokki, Cairo.

For reservation: Contact us

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