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To build an interactive progress between the corporate and employee within a frame of professionalism and continuous efficiency and effectiveness development. Which push them to the highest levels of business success.
In another hand, through developing the individuals to reach a progressive and professional levels. By the end of our training progress, they will be able to build and design the base of their whole career.

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“To win in the marketplace, You must win first in the workplace.”

Doug Conant, CEO of Champbell’s Soup

Our Vision

Qualified business environment of both corporate and employee.

Our Mission

Make the culture of business more real, satisfaction and successful to both of its sides “Corporate & Candidates”.


Careerians is a Training, Recruitment and Business services co, which starts on Jan 2018, To build an interactive progress between corporate and employee.


To build the interactive progress between the applicants and the corporate during the frame of challenging and balance among the work factors inside the corporate and what they need of qualified and efficient employees. That will push them to the highest levels of management success.

Our Services

Practical Training


HRM Outsourcing and Operation Services

Market Research

Business Solutions and Consulting

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Mostafa Mahmoud

Mostafa Mahmoud

Business and Data Analysis Consultancy
Ahmed Hussien pic

Ahmed Hussien

Human Resources and Business Development Consultant
Mohamed Abdul Aziz

Mohamed AbdulAziz

Human Resources Trainer
Eid Attia

Eid Attia

Founder & Operational Officer
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