Practical Personnel Workshop

Practical Personnel Workshop
Being a Professional HR remains you to be strong with all Personnel section work. It is the cornerstone of HR and the first step any successful HR needs. We will be learning and practicing all about Labor and insurance Law, Labor and Insurance offices, its modules, regulations, inspectorate, wages, contracts, vacations and records handled by us, as well as the most important provisions of the law and its articles, which need to be fully aware and deeply understood. With printed material for practicing.

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Workshop Outlines

Workshop Outlines


  • Introduction to Labor law No. 12 of 2003.
  • Introduction to Social Insurance law No. 148 of 2019.
  • Personnel modules process and procedures.


  • Employees filing, documents and Labor coupon regulations and procedures.
  • Employment contract (individual employment contract, Trial contract, Foreign employment contract and hiring process).
  • Terms and conditions of the test period.
  • Practicing with all insurance forms (1, 2, 6, 101, 111, ... etc.)
  • Medical insurance and work Injuries process and procedures.
  • Organization’s regulations, how to prepare and approve.


  • Working hours, rest periods and overtime calculating.
  • How to measure employee’s salary into basic, variable, allowances and incentives.
  • Wages, rewards and deductions within Labor Law and Insurance Law.
  • Vacations “All types” within Labor and Insurance Law calculating.
  • Sick leave, work injuries and occupational diseases process and compensations.
  • Rules for employment of women and young people.
  • Foreigners employment operations rules and process.
  • How to conduct a legal work environment “employee duties and rights”.
  • Investigating the employees and their issues, sanctions and separation from service with.
  • Terms of terminations “process and procedures”.
  • Labor office inspecting and penalties “judicial control”.
  • Calculating insurance share, delay penalties and practical social insurance issues and procedures
  • Calculating Monthly payments obligations of the organization.
  • Annual and semi-annual Labor office statements and models.
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